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Which product for which use?
The answers to your most frequently asked questions can be found here.

I would like ski equipment for independent people

Handiski "Solo" - Skiing in complete or partial autonomy

Which frame to choose?
  • Tempo Access: The easiest and most stable uniskis on the market.
    • Suitable for people with little balance or complete beginners.
    • Very low, very stable and reassuring.


  • Tempo Uniski or Dualski: Unparalleled versatility, for teaching complete beginners to advanced.
    • Suitable for people without the use of their lower limbs and with good upper body mobility
    • Integral suspension movement for comfort and performance
    • Öhlins shock absorber adjustable in 2 seconds without tools with Quickset system
    • Effortless waiting position at the chairlift
    • Easily removable assist bar
    • Versatility: easy conversion to Duo version
  • Scarver: Technical model for advanced or beginner competition. Not ideal for beginner/intermediate instruction. Only for advanced skiers, no possibility to add an assistance bar.
    • Possibility to switch to Uniski or Dualski
    • Adjustable seat angle
    • Adjustable damping kinematics


  • Snow’Kart : Quickly become autonomous and have fun from the first run.
    • Suitable for skiers who do not have the balance or physical ability to ski in Uniski or Dualski
    • Hemiplegic people can ski with one hand thanks to the Easydrive bar
    • It also offers a fun, stable and quick to learn device for people who are looking for fun without a long learning phase
    • Easy to use for children and small people thanks to the “child” levers
    • Easy installation of the skier thanks to the great stability
    • Easy to take the chairlift thanks to the lock in the upper position
    Which accessories do I need?
    • Seats
    • Outriggers
    • Assist bar
    • Leg protection cover
    • Scarver leg shell attachment kit
    • Back support straps for high injury skiers
    • High pressure pump for shock absorber adjustment Fournales on Leisure model
    • Fix’Hand’Ski gloves
    • Wheelblades

    Equipment for people in need of assistance

    Handiski "Duo" - Skiing with assistance, Tendem'Flex and Tempo Duo

    How to choose between the Tempo Duo and the Tandem'Flex?

    The Tempo Duo, the latest generation of Tessier chairs, has the following features:

    • Öhlins shock absorber with integral damping kinematics for excellent comfort
    • Easy to use for the accompanying driver, especially when taking the chairlift
    • Possibility to equip it with the Grand Confort bucket seat and Relax footrest, identical to the Tandem’Flex, for a more extended position

    The Tandem’Flex is ideal for more severely disabled and/or heavier people. The advantages of the Tandem’Flex are as follows:

    • Suitable for everyone
    • No weight limit for the passenger (within the pilot’s capabilities)
    • Easy to install the passenger thanks to the lateral blocking system (the device holds its balance)
    • Easy chairlift grip thanks to the lift assist gas jack
    • Excellent comfort thanks to Bultex foam in the bucket seat and Öhlins shock absorber

    The training is also to be taken into account:

    • Tempo Duo and Dualski piloted, recommended training of one day for the pros
    • Tandem’Flex and Tandemski, necessary training of 5 days for the professionals, between 6 and 10 for the volunteers, parents…
        Which accessories do I need?
        • Articulated bucket seat for Tempo Dualski
        • Grand Comfort bucket seat for Tempo Dualski
        • Steering bar
        • Leg protection cover
        • UTY warm cover
        • UTY mittens
        • High pressure pump for shock absorber adjustment
        • Wheelblades

        Where to train?

        Handiski trainning

        Where can I take lessons and try the equipment?
        • Traditional ski schools are increasingly equipped with handiskiing equipment and offer specialised courses.
        • Many handisport associations or specialised ski schools also offer courses.

        • Come and meet us during our numerous demo days on the different French and foreign massifs throughout the season for a trial, an initiation (no lessons).

        • Find on the map the resorts and associations equipped with Tessier equipment.

        Tempo Duo and Tandem'Flex piloting
        • Training to fly the Tempo Duo is quick. A level of skiing equivalent to class 3 of the French ski teaching system (at ease on all types of slopes) is required to become a pilot.
        • The training to pilot the Tandem’Flex varies from 6 to 10 days depending on your level of aptitude. A good physical condition as well as a sense of responsibility to appreciate the risks for the passenger is required.
        • Tessier’s partner trainers are present in all the French massifs. Contact us to find out who they are.

        A tariff?

        A personalised offer will be sent to you quickly by using our online configurator.