Get off the beaten track!

Are you a fan of Tempo Duo or Tandem’Flex in winter? Are you missing a comparable activity when the snow has melted? The Cimgo will fill this gap!
The Cimgo is the ultimate all-terrain downhill tandem chair.
Ride on all types of trails, more or less steep, discover places that were previously inaccessible, admire the landscapes, the fauna, the flora and accompany your mountain bike friends.







“Tested and approved!
A revolutionary chair, the all-terrain chair from Pierre Tessier, which has already proved its worth in the field of skiing for severely disabled people. Together with his team and products, they give us a breath of fresh air by making the mountains accessible. I know that Tessier has not finished advancing and giving happiness to disabled people.
Cédric Gentina
Cimgo user and Tandem’Flex skier


Share with your friends or family the thrill of riding through the forest or across the fields.


4 shock absorbers and a soft bucket seat will allow you to fully enjoy the hitherto inaccessible landscapes.


It is suitable for everyone without any weight or disability limit.

For whom?

The rider, who has undergone special training, is seated in paddles that provide stable support and steers the front wheels of the Cimgo with the help of the tilting handlebars.

The passenger is comfortably seated in a bucket seat.

The Cimgo can be ridden on most roads and paths, even the most challenging ones.

It’s not easy to say whether the rider or the passenger has the most fun!