Skilift harness systems

Draglift use in total safety

The double safety release system is an essential part of the ski lift system.
It is fixed at the center of gravity of the frame so that the front of the skis does not rise up during the ascent. It allows the use of all types of ski lifts.

Optimal safety

“The release systems allow you to take the ski lift independently and is available almost for all our alpine ski products.”

All our release systems are equipped with a double safety system mechanism.
Two ropes held independently in each skier’s hands ensure the safety of the system. Each rope controls the opening of a carabiner.

The principal rope opens immediately the ring and release the pole by a simple traction.

The second rope instantly separates the ski lift harness from the lift in case of malfunction of the karabiner or the lost of the first rope.

Solutions to be chosen according to your ski equipment and the type of lifts used


Universal skilift harness system with double safety mechanism

Made of a cold-resistant polymer rope, it allows the quick attachment of the releaser to the pole and a slipknot system that ensures a firm grip of the ring on the pole.

This system is approved in France for all types of ski lifts (with saddle or T-bars).


Available for:


Skilift harness system for T-bars

More compact and easier to use on T-bars.

For more comfort and safety, the lateral buckles will open whatever the direction of the pulling on the string.

The release can be done with either the right or the left hand.

In France, this system is only certificated for T-bar lifts

Available for:

T-bar skilift harness system + rubber ring

By adding the ring part on the T-bar system and you can use every kind of skilifts.

This system is approved on every skilifts in France.

Available for:

Duo skilift harness system

Integrated on the frame this system is easy to use. The pilot releases the system from the back of the sitski thanks to 2 small ropes that open each of the two release karabiners independently.

This system is approved in France, only on T-bar lifts.

In France, the use of a same pole by the sitskier and its pilot can only be authorized on lifts designed to support such a load.

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