Lightweight and customizable Nordic sled!

The first Nordic ski frame with multiple adjustments, Eskaip allows each skier to find his or her position.

The possibilities of adjusting the height and angle of the seat and modifying the centre of gravity bring comfort and efficiency to your practice.

The high-performance aluminium construction guarantees reliability and lightness.

This cross-country ski sled is the result of a collaborative work for the drafting of the specifications and the tests conducted during the winter 2018/2019.









“The Eskaip is for me an excellent complement to the handbike during the winter. It allows you to be autonomous on the slopes, the different adjustments allow you to find the ideal position according to the relief. It’s a chair that allows you to train and share an activity with family or friends at the same time.”

Florian Jouanny

Paralympic athlete (handbike)


  • 100% aluminium
  • Frame: 3,5 kg – 7,7lb  (with footrest, without brakes) / 4.9 kg – 10,8lb (with brakes)


All parameters are adjustable to find the position that suits you:

  • Centre of gravity
  • Seat height
  • Seat angle
  • Footrest



  • Compatible with TESSIER alpine ski seats.
  • Several models of cross-country ski seats are available.
  • Optional brakes.
  • Possibility to use in “Duo”.


For whom?

The Eskaip is suitable for everyone! Whether you are an occasional rider wishing to escape into the forest or a seasoned sportsman who devours the kilometres, a club or an association, for use in autonomy or with assistance, the versatility and the possibilities of adjustments will allow you to adapt it to your needs.


What use?

  • Teaching / Learning 100% 100%
  • Leisure skiing 100% 100%
  • Racing / Competition 100% 100%

Technical specifications & options

The only fully adjustable sled!

Find your most comfortable and best performing position!

Wide adjustment ranges for :

  • Height
  • Seat angle
  • Footrest
  • Centre of gravity

Brakes for greater safety

Optional brakes allow speed control and are greatly appreciated on downhill runs.

They are compact and do not interfere with the rider’s movements.

Compatible with NNN, Prolink &Turnamic bindings

Without drilling or gluing, the use of two bindings placed opposite each other on the plate allows the use of skis and bindings without modification.

This makes putting on skis very easy.

Compatible with NNN, Prolink and Turnamic.