Summer outdoor adaptive sports equipment

Swaik, Cimgo

TESSIER is well known for the quality of its ski products.

Since 2009 we offer the Cimgo, a unique concept of all-terrain downhill tandem.

Since 2016, TESSIER commercialize the Swaik, the n°1 wakeboard frame.


The Quality “made in the French Alps”

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N°1 sitwake !

The Swaik is a unique light and rigid frame which respect the flex of the board, and offers several adjustments (center of gravity, height at the front and the rear, seating angle).

The full-flex system invented by Tessier offers more comfort when landing from jumps and a better pop.

The Swaik is used by the French Champion, European Champion and World Champion on its first year of use (2016)!


All-terrain downhill tandem wheelchair

All along the year, Tandem’Flex users can enjoy summer adaptive sports thanks to the Cimgo with their mountain biker friends.

Driven by a trained pilot, this all-terrain tandem equipment, innovative and unique, allows discovering and admiring landscapes which were inaccessible till now. It enables many people to live unforgettable moments.

Equipment certified in France for the use of chairlift and gondolas.

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