THE innovative, adjustable and lightweight wakeboard frame!

Developed with the best world riders, it is designed for beginners as well as for the best freestylers.

Its lightweight, the freedom it lets to the flex of the board and its setting possibilities make it a unique frame.

Swaik is French Champion, European Champion and World Champion since 2016!








“The Swaik demonstrated how much is possible for seated riders. It opened the doors to a new riding style, probably impossible with the old frames we used!

I pushed my Swaik and myself to unknown tricks and obstacles, something’s nobody ever did. Till a bad crash I had last week, luckily I’m ok, and my Swaik too, only my board is destroyed.

I have no other ideas for improving the Swaik. It works so good, it’s amazing!

So… congratulations man, because you did a great job.”

“Meme” Emmanuele Pagnini

Sitwake World Champion since 2016


Full-Flex system

Full-Flex system frees the flex of the board for more “pop” and comfort.

Design & Technology

  • A racy and compact design
  • 100% 7075 high resistance anodized aluminium
  • Light: 3,3 kg / 7,2 lb

Perfectly adjustable

  • 2 frame heights available to fit perfectly all body type.
  • Frames offer a wide settings range : center of gravity, height and sitting angle.

For whom?

Developed with the world’s best riders, it is designed for both beginners and freestylers.


Technical specifications & options

Full-Flex system

The Full-Flex system invented by TESSIER is a major innovation for sitwakeboarding.

It lets the board free to offer more pop and an unequalled comfort.

The Full-Flex system enables a longitudinal displacement of the frame on the board in order to free its flex.

Riders love this reliable and efficient system!

Tessier Wakeboard seats

As for sitskiing, we offer 7 wake seat sizes (1 for children and 6 for adults).

Seats can be with or without backrest.
Backrest can be in composite material (like the seat ) or soft, made by a kitesurfing harness attached to the seat

They have one hole to evacuate water and the shape is adapted for wakeboarding.

Available in white gelcoat, usually in stock or with a carbon finishing, make on-demand.

A customisable frame available in 2 versions

The Swaik is fully customizable.

The front of the seat is adjustable on a range of 10cm/4in to adapt the height to the legs length.

The rear is adjustable on a range of 8cm to adjut the seating angle according to the rider’s mobility.

The Swaik is available in 2 versions in order to cover all needs:

  • The low version is well suited for beginners, schools and clubs, and for people with a limited mobility of the upper body.
  • The high version is suited for advanced riders with a good mobility.

The center of gravity can be adjusted on the board to find the perfect position.


The Tessier footplate fits all feet, from the widest to the narrowest, with shoes or boots.

It’s possible to use it in 2 modes:

  • Easy exit mode for people not strapped in the seat (feet mustn’t stay attached to the frame during a fall)
  • Firm hold mode for people strapped in the seat.