The joys of skiing and the pleasures of the mountains without limits.

Skiing for everyone. With the Tandem’Flex, share the pleasure of skiing with your pilot, access the mountain with ease and discover new sensations.







“Thank you very much for designing and improving machines that allow people with disabilities to enjoy the pleasures of skiing and the mountains. On April 15, I had the great pleasure of doing the Vallée Blanche on a Tandem’Flex (very comfortable) with Doumé and Lionel. This would never have been possible without you! Thanks again!”


Tandem’Flex passenger



Suspended frame with Öhlins shock absorber for a very comfortable ski and enhanced feel.

High comfort bucket seat with wide seat and high quality Bultex® foam.


Share a unique experience with your pilot and discover the mountains, on piste or in powder.


It is suitable for everyone with no weight or disability limit.

Activity open to a large public for ski schools.


For whom?

The Tandem’Flex is designed for anyone who cannot or does not wish to ski independently.

Set off to discover the ski areas, accompanied by your pilot, your family and your friends.


Which use ?

Possibility of sitskier participation
Max weight of sitskier
Level of skiing required of the pilot
Pilot training
120 kg / 265 lbs
5 to 10 days mandatory

Technical specifications & options

Optimised chassis and easy handling

More compact and lighter than its predecessor the Tandemski, the Tandem’Flex chassis offers perfect balance and incisive edge grip.

The new joints and the redesigned kinematics offer unique sensations.

All handling (locking, handlebar adjustment, etc.) is simplified.

The pilot installs his passenger alone, without worrying about the balance of the Tandem’Flex, thanks to the tilt lock.