TESSIER Technologies

30 years of continuous innovation

TESSIER is world leader of sitski equipment. We also offer summer adaptive sports equipment (Cimgo and Swaik).

To know more about our vision, our innovations and our technologies, we invite you to dicover this page.

30 years of innovation for adaptive mountain and outdoor sports

The widest range of sitski equipment in the world

We have consistently aimed to offer products which can bring a maximum of pleasure, performance and independence to disabled people.

For this purpose, we developed the widest range of sitski products for everyone, whatever the disability and the level of autonomy. We are always looking for giving the maximum of independence acording to each one’s abilities and goals

Uniques products, without any equivalence on the market

Lots of our products don’t have any equivalent on the market.

  •  The Scarver Dualski is by far the most efficient 2 skis equipment in the world. It is the only one used during international races (Vice World Champion in SG in 2015) or allowing freeriders to ride the wildest mountain as the Spitzbergs or the North Face of the Mont Blanc.
  • The Tandem’Flex is the most comfortable equipment for a Duo use. It also allows skiing with heavy people who couldn’t ski with any other equipment.
  • The Cimgo is the only all-terrain tandem equipment. This innovative concept allows discovering new sensations and places which were inaccessible so far to people because of their disability.
Continuing innovations

An important R&D work allows us to improve the actual equipment and create regularly new products.

Our innovation process is easily explained in the following picture.

 2 ARTINOV prices (rewarding price for innovation in craftwork)

  • ARTINOV Savoie 2004 in the category “product innovation” attributed to TESSIER for the VFC.
  • ARTINOV Rhône Alpes 2012 won by TESSIER in the category “work”.
5 registered patents

The creation of all these products brought us to find new technical solutions whose 5 are protected by patents. These patents are registered on totally articulated two skis equipment and their solutions to take the chairlift associated to the suspension system.

Recognised reliability

From conception to production, everything has been made to offer reliable and strong products which need low maintenance.

It is necessary to be able to rely on his equipment in every circumstance, especially in a mountain environment.

It is also pleasant for organizations (ski schools and associations), to know that their pieces of equipment are always ready to go and to do not spend lot of time for maintenance.

We can observe for our frames a lifetime over than 10 to 15 years and they are reputed to be indestructible.

3 years warranty

We are very confident into our products and we are the only manufacturer who offer a 3 years warranty on our frame. (Free warranty extension by registering online)

Video tour of the company

All our products in 3 minutes

Customer satisfaction


Level of satisfaction about the reliability of the equipment


Level of satisfaction about the comfort of the equipment


Level of satisfaction about the ease to set and the use of the equipment

Results of the survey conducted in June 2015, sent to all purchasers of TESSIER chassis during the 2014/2015 season.