Tessier warranty

TESSIER is the only sitski manufacturer who offer a 3 years warranty on his frames.

The quality of TESSIER products is internationally-renowned.
From design to production, everything is thought to offer durable and high quality products to satisfy you for years.

We are confident into the reliability of our products and offer to our customers a free extension of 1 year warranty on the frame (alpine and nordic sitski, Swaik & Cimgo), whether 3 years warranty.

To benefit from this free extension, supply your frame number (indicated on your invoice and the frame on the inox plate) and fill in the following form (10 questions, around 3 minutes).

Your answers will allow us to know more about your expectations and improve our offer.

Thank you for your confidence.


Level of satisfaction of customers about the reliability


Level of satisfaction about the customer relation

Result of a survey realized in june 2015, sent to all the buyers of a TESSIER frame during the 2014/2015 season.